Roundwood Timber Framing Tools List

Welcome to my inner world of over-planning organisational overkill. Be afraid! Below is a list of tools that I’ve already bought or am thinking about buying. It’s a way to keep a budget and plan for what I might need next. This list will grow and change as I actually start working on something again, but for now it’s a rough guide and might be interesting for anyone else looking to buy these sorts of tools.

If you have any suggestions or advice, I want to hear it!

ToolPrice (€)Status
Woodworking Hand Tools
Narex Chisel - 3/4"11.78
Narex Chisel - 1"13.60
Narex Chisel - 1 - 1/2"17.83
Narex Chisel - 2"17.90
Gouge - 11/16"13.99
8 Pocket Leather Chisel Roll13.99
Any cheap thing will do.
Gransfors Small Carving Axe107.40
Austrian Draw Knife40.35Will try to have one made in Portugal.
Auger Bit - 1" (18" Long)46.34
Auger Bit - 1.5" (9" Long)33.20
Veritas Mallet32.33
Japanese Folding Saw15.95
DMT 8" Bench Stone87.83Bought
Vertitas Honing Guide51.75Will see if I can learn to sharpen without this.
Measuring & Marking
8m Tape Measure0Given
30m Tape MeasureGiven
Framing Square
Combination Square
Chalk Line0Given
Transfer Scribe100.89
Japanese-Style Square17.90
Everything Else
Ratchet Straps
Total Spent€87.83